The online casino system has expanded tremendously in the last decade or perhaps so that it provides been in existence : into a point where this is almost surpassing the can and mortar on line casino method of the fore. 


How to Find Legit Online Casinos in 2020

It is common to be cautious about where you are spending your money. Be it investments, purchases or in this case gambling. Gambling is a game of chance and carries its own risk. However it is not uncommon for gambling enthusiasts to fall victim to scammers online. Numerous cases of the same have left many in bad taste with this industry. This has discouraged many from taking part in online gambling out of fear of getting a raw deal. This article aims to give insight to gambling enthusiasts, especially new players, on how to locate and play at safe, secure, highly lucrative and rewarding online casinos, such as, and make the most out of their venture.

What to look out for

New environments can be quite challenging especially if you have no idea what to expect and how to adapt. Getting into the online casino industry can be quite daunting. From the terminologies to the terms and conditions, one can feel like they are being taken for a ride. However with a little more information, players know what to look out for in order to determine the legitimacy of an online casino and actually join the best real money online casino.

Security and Privacy

In order to be operational in most places all over the world, an online casino has to obtain a license. Examples of such licensing authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority and The UK Gambling Commission. A casino that has licensing from these authorities is proven to be safe, secure and regulated. A legit online casino should also use the latest in SSL Encryption to ensure the safety of client personal data and protect them from fraudulent activity.

User experience and reviews

User experience and reviews are a good way for players to determine the legitimacy of an online casino. They give first-hand information on what the players liked and disliked about playing at a certain casino. They also contain complaints and grievances from disgruntled players which can be quite insightful. It is through this information that interested players can know the quality of services, safety, security, privacy and quality of gameplay offered by a casino. They will also learn the dos and don’ts to help them get ahead.

Software providers Game selection and diversity

A legitimate online casino will offer its players authentic software that hasn’t been rigged or pirated from the best and most competitive providers in the industry. Some of the popular software providers in this industry include Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Iron Dog Studio, Booming Games, Belatra, Play n Go, ELK Studios, Amatic Industries, Yggdrasil Gaming and Quickfire. If the software in an online casino has been rigged or pirated, that casino shouldn’t be trusted as it has technically stolen from the software providers and is quite likely to do the same to the players.

Payment options

Legitimate online casinos strive to give their clients the best in payment options and pay-out times. This means that they will invest in a wide range of compatible and secure payment methods. Currently, this means casinos try as much as possible to employ payment methods that require very little delicate user payment details. This is done mainly to protect the clients’ payment options as it is not uncommon to hear of scams being run through online casinos where clients are asked for their private banking details and end up being stolen from. Players are advised to avoid casinos that require too much of your private details to avoid fraud and theft. In fact, the gambling watchdog banned credit cards for online betting sites to help curb fraud and theft of personal user information.

Longevity and loyalty programs

For lifespan players, it may be reasonable to consider the longevity of a casino. To do this, players will observe the tendencies of the casino operator and owner. These casino operators tend to own many online casinos and as a result many professional and experienced players have reviewed them. Doing research based on these reviews will help you predict the longevity of a casino and consequently determine its legitimacy. Casinos that intend to stay on the market and keep rewarding players will also offer lucrative loyalty programs making them competitive.  


Another way to determine the legitimacy of an online casino is to determine whether they have invested in compatibility across a wide platform of devices. This shows that they are interested in making it easier for players to access and enjoy their services and as such can be trusted. For instance, a credible casino should give its users an option on how to play casino games on mobile devices.

Common casino red flags

Rigged and Pirated software

Players are usually discouraged from playing at online casinos that are running rigged and pirated software. Software rigging is often done by casinos to give them an advantage over their players. They may also pirate software to avoid paying their dues to the relevant software providers. This should be a red flag for players as it means that the casino cannot be trusted. Thy have blatantly shown their selfish tendencies and who is to say they will not take advantage of their clients. It is however slightly difficult to determine rigged and pirated software and many players end up falling victim to these casinos.

Unclear payment methods and delaying tactics

They say that making wins at a casino is usually just half the task. The other half is usually claiming and withdrawing your winnings. Another common red flag for the legitimacy of an online casino is seen where the payment methods are unclear, and even if they are clearly stated, delaying tactics are used to dissuade withdrawals. These delaying tactics include making requests for details you already provided, making excuses for having not processed your winnings and making unclear deductions on your winnings. Reading through online casino reviews can give players insight into the payment habits of a casino.

History of cancelled winnings

In relation to the delaying tactics, some online casinos are known for completely not making payments and even cancelling legitimate wins over petty and slight technicalities. Such casinos portray good service while making deposits and playing but this changes once you start winning. It is not uncommon to hear players being accused of cheating or winning as a result of a malfunction, they then go ahead to use this to strip players of their winnings.

Poor customer service

A casino may have legitimate software and clear payment methods but have a bad customer support system. This means players who encounter issues during gameplay are usually on their own. Casinos with such poor customer service should be avoided as they are likely to leave you hanging at your time of need. Imagine having trouble processing your withdrawals and not being able to get in touch with the support team for help. Technical support is quit necessary with online casinos due to the technical nature of the services offered. Players should be on the look-out for reviews on a casino’s customer service, its availability and the available modes of contacting them.

Unfair odds

Typically, the house usually has an edge or advantage over the players in every casino game. However, greedy operators may set unfair pay out percentages and even tweak the odds for various games in their favour. This makes it almost impossible for players to win and the game quits being fun and appealing. Reading expert and customer reviews can help you determine the fairness of an online casino.

Playing at legit online casino means that players are not playing at a disadvantage and are more likely to win. Players want to play at a casino that they can trust with their money and believe they can win. To do this they have to know how to look for and determine the legitimacy of an online casino. Gathering this relevant information about an online casino equips players with the tools to find and an informed decision on where to play with their hard earned money in this ever budding industry.

Online Casino Games free Slot Machines

Now is the Time to try Online Gaming

There are times when we all get that extra rush from placing a little wager here or there. The growth of the internet has also meant a growth of a new kind of gambling, online gambling.

Everyone loves casino games so much fun can be had in such a short period of time its easy to understand their appeal. Now you can capture that same excitement and fun in the comfort of your own home. Online you have the choice of a variety of different games you can play at anytime. No need to worry about a crowded table or some obnoxious players instead your environment is what you make it.

The real casino offers a live dealer and an atmosphere that includes exciting lights and the sounds of slot machines. With that you will also have to make sure you are following casino etiquette which is not an issue when you play at home. The real difference for those that want to concentrate when they play it can be far more beneficial to play at home.

Play now Free Slots online

Many online game rooms will also offer free slot machines to play as sort of a warmup. This is a way to entice players to sign up for a bonus or to signup for their site. These free slot machines can easily payout to any player. It makes it fun and easy to play as well as a good incentive. So you can replicate many of the same games played in a casino by simply signing up online. There is only one problem and that is becoming less of an issue everyday. That problem is internet connection.

The speed of your internet connection is important and many online players think this important factor is the only factor they need to worry about. That is not the case the most important factor is reliability. Your internet needs to be up and running all the time when you want to play. Nothing can be worse then playing a couple of casino games only to find out that midway through your internet connection has hung up. Check with your ISP about their reliability as well as any and all speed testing and reliability forums about your local area.

The best Gaming Experience

For the player that wants variety in their gaming experience you cannot equal the variety and amount of different games offered by online casinos. While traditional casinos have a hard limit that being the available floor space. Many casinos will replace games that are less popular and thats a great idea but that still limits the games available.

That is not an issue when you play online. Besides simply a variety of traditional games you can play these same virtual casinos invent new games all the time. These new games are a great way to enjoy new games and test your skill level at the same time. They also allow you to try out many of these same games at no cost as a way to learn the roles and practice. This is something not offered at a traditional casino.

Betting limits are not very flexible at a traditional casino this is not even close to the case online. Online gaming has reinvented the way casinos handle betting limits. You can often tailor the right limit to satisfy your betting appetite. Not only are you able to set your limits you are also given a variety of ways to make a deposit as well. This can also include virtual currencies as well as traditional ones.

The next time you want to place a quick wager or playa slot machine no need to gas up the car or buy a plane ticket to visit the closest casino as the closest one is now as close as your computer or tablet. Increase your experience and test your skill level with live free games as well.

Best free Spins no deposit Bonuses for 2019

No Deposit Bonus Offers 2019

With online Casinos there are so many different ones and so many different offers. With this, are going to be discussing the free spins and bonuses that some of the online Casinos offer. Some of the online Casinos may offer a sign-up bonus. Meaning free spins for a welcome package or they offer a welcome offer. The welcome packages may offer different advantages but we are looking at free spins and and what they offer with the welcome package. With the welcome package though, you have to sign up with the casinos web page before retrieving the welcome package.

Free Spins & No Deposit Bonuses

Don’t we all just love a free spin when we go to casinos, online or in person? Well, with the welcome package for online casinos usually offer free spins. Some online casinos will offer you free spins and their welcome package as long as your put down a deposit, usually minimum is $10.00 dollars but however there are rare occasions where the casinos will offer you free spins no deposit bonuses. Depending what online casino it is, some will offer the no deposit bonuses.

There are some rules around these no deposit bonuses though, with the no deposit bonuses all your earnings from the free spins will stay as bonus money until you make a deposit then you can use them for their play-through. No deposit bonuses are great because you can get a feel for the casino before you have to make any commitment. With these no deposit bonuses, they will be exposed to the typical play-through conditions before they can be withdrawn. It is very rare for an online casino to offer no deposit bonuses but you will always find at least one online casino that does offer the no deposit bonuses. Take advantage of that because there are slim chances of finding online casinos that do offer the no deposit bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses & Packages

When registering for an online casino most of them do offer their welcoming package. With every online casino the welcoming package is different and may have different bonuses for you to enjoy once you register. Most online casinos though do have some terms and conditions before you can receive your welcome package.

Most online casinos will want you to register with their online casino and make a deposit, which usually the minimum of the deposit is usually $10.00 dollars, however some may ask for more than just $10.00 dollars down payment. Depending on the online casino of course. Usually with online casinos they will limit the amount of times you can make a deposit to receive their welcoming package. Some of them state that you can online do a deposit 4 times to receive their welcoming package. Members needs to bet their first four welcome bonuses at least 40 times before the members can withdraw any of their winnings gained from them or their bonuses.

These kinds of casinos online are great for people who don’t want to leave their houses or don’t have a way to leave their houses. They can enjoy playing Casino Games right from their home. For anyone who just wants to stay home and relax and not really want to talk face to face with people would love online casinos. Straight from home and not having to pay for gas to go to casinos. Casinos online are great because sometimes they offer things that regular casinos don’t. Like if you register for the casinos online you get free spins and a welcoming package. There are many great things about casinos online that the in-person casinos may not offer. Take the advantage of the online casinos welcoming package and free spins because you may not find a better offer.

Casino Games to win real money online

Play Casino Games Online

Do you need to plan a very expensive trip to the casino to play your favorite games? In the past, the only way to play your favorite casino games was to plan a trip to a local casino or to one that was very far from your home. All of that has changed with the creation of online casinos where you can play casino live games. With an online casino you can play all your favorite gambling games right from the comfort of your home. No longer do you need the extra expense of planning a trip, buying a hotel room, or the cost of traveling just to play these games. Now, whenever you have the urge to play these games you just log into your computer, and you play from wherever you are.

There are many different advantages associated with using an online casino to play casino live games versus playing one in person. One of the major advantages is that you get to play more games in less time. If you think about games like roulette, blackjack and slots, when you play them over the internet you get to have more chances of winning. This is so because you don’t have to deal with a human dealer like at a local live casino, over the internet the site uses computer programs and algorithms to take on the role of the dealer. It means that you aren’t wasting time with small talk, you aren’t dealing with the common human errors that are known to happen, and things are just a lot more faster.

Sign up and start your game

It is very easy to create an account with one of these companies, so that you can play casino live games whenever you want. The only thing that you need to do is to head over to one of these sites right now, and create an account by giving your name, your email, a few more details and click the way that you choose to fund your account. It shouldn’t take longer than about 5 or 10 minutes to fill everything out. After you have gone through this process, you’ll be ready to play casino live games whenever you want, and on your way to win real money online.

Best online Payment Options

Another great thing about this process is that there are many different payment methods that you can use to fund your account. It does not matter if you need to use PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, paysafecard or any other options. Choose any of these options and you will quickly have your account funded and ready to make money. The process does not take a long time at all, and you be soon on your way to earn and win real money online in casino live games.

Online Casino Games

One thing that continues to attract people to these casino live games is that they come well reviewed by the people who use them. The people who play at these casino live games know how fun they are, they know that their money is secure, and they know that they can get fast cash outs for the money that they win playing these games. If you are ready to win real money online, do not waste another second reading this article, but instead hurry up and sign up so that you can start playing today.

When you play casino games online, we suggest that you look around on the site, read all of the instructions on how to play the game, so that you can further cement your edge to win more money. Mastering these games and learning how to win real money online is a process that is pretty easy once you understand how to play the games and the mathematics involved.

We know that you are going to have an excellent time earning money online playing at these online casinos. Join the millions of people all across the globe when you’re playing online casinos with people who have learned that you do not have to step foot in a casino to play your favorite casino games.

Join the best real money Online Casino

Join now the best Online Casino

Not long ago Chris received a notice from his bank that $1000 had been deposited into his account for the previous day’s big win in an online casino. That’s a great news to wake up to! Now you can experience the same thing too. What will make it even better is that you will have fun while earning a lot of money. No product to buy and no overhead cost involved. There is nothing to box and no work to be done except play games.

Casino Games Online

If you have ventured out on the internet looking to have some fun playing casino games, you have come to the right stop. By joining our real money online casino website, you will have an opportunity to make fortune. Where does the money come from? Other players like you play games and try their luck. People have won big in the past. Some have even made a huge fortune. Now it is your turn to try. Whether you are interested in slots, video poker, table games, craps, roulette or blackjack, there is a wide range of games to play and unravel your gifts. You are in the virtual world making real money playing games. It can’t get any better than this!

Real money online casino provides a safe platform for casino players from a wide variety of safety and security companies. Major encryption companies have spent millions of dollars developing the level of security that real money online casino venue provides. Simply enter your information where it directs you to join the club and you are all set. Sign in every time you want to be a part of the team worldwide and choose from hundreds of games available on our site. It is easy to play fair and win big. Most of all, it is easy to navigate this real money online casino website and find the right games to play. Real money online casino is one of the best real money online casino out there. There are plenty to explore which means you will never run out of games or able to waste your time.

Online Casino Bonus Offers

Additionally, real money online casino database is updated with new games every now and then. Add them to your favorite list or use it in the future. There is always something to keep you engaged and busy, new slots with matching bonuses for beginners and experienced players. The casino has all the classic and contemporary games that players adore, including scratch cards and bingo. All of these for a solid bargain. The more you play, the more likely that you are closest to winning.

Mobile Casinos & Casino Apps

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to join the pool of players. The sign up process takes a few minutes after which you can start playing and earn real money. The software is compatible with almost all operating system and also on all mobile devices. You can have access to the system anytime from anywhere. It is safe to play and secure to preserve your information as well; real money online casino software is designed to do just that.

Online Payment Options

Speaking of payment options, a great place to have fun where you can find safe means of transactions such as Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and Paysafecard. These options collect payment over their secure server and deliver the desired games instantly. They also monitor your earnings and transfer money to your personal or professional account as per your settings. Now that is what you would call a hassle-free fun. Spend a little time reading FAQs from the website and you will learn how to use the website efficiently. Other online casinos promise the moon but really are hard to understand. Real money online casino delivers the real stuff and not just fluff. It doesn’t matter if you want to play for a short duration or long term, real money online casino is here to give you the experience that you have had on a real world gambling floor.

How to play casino games on mobile devices

How to play casino games on mobile devices

How to play your favorite games on your smart device

How to play Mobile Casino Games on Your Smartphone and What is Involved: The advent of smartphone technology made mobile casinos an inevitability. The convenience and access a mobile device grants is just too good to ignore, and once mobile devices began running like computers anything became possible. Naturally, over the years mobile casinos have gained in popularity. Pretty much any online casino on the market has a mobile version that can be played on a smartphone. In many ways playing the mobile version of a virtual casino is better. The only question remaining is, “how do I play casino games on my mobile device?”

First Step: Access

A mobile casino can be accessed in two ways. The first is through the internet browser on your phone. The second is via a casino app. Most online casinos prefer to run their mobile versions off HTML5. Accessing the site through a traditional web browser is easier, their is no leg work required, and HTML5 is known for superior quality. Casinos that require an app download are few and far between, but mostly it is due to a special feature they offer or the operating software of your mobile device. Mobile casinos operate off of windows, Android, and IOS systems.


Accessing a mobile casino is not hard but the tricky part comes in checking your devices capability. All smartphones are not made the same and depending on your specific device you may not have what is required to run the games. Additionally, your device may not have the graphics capability to run the games smoothly. So after you figure out what is required to access the casino, web browser or app, the next step is to check your device’s specs.

Casino Apps & Mobile Casino

Once you have gotten the technical stuff out of the way it is time to play some casino games. Operating a mobile casino is simple. If the casino uses HTML5 you search for it like you would on a normal computer. Once you access the web page you log in and click on the game you want to play. HTML5 casinos will load the game up just like any computer would. A casino app is also simple. Once you download the app you click on it as you would any other application. It will start up and then you can access whatever games you want. The gameplay will be identical to the computer version of the casino.

The actual operation of a mobile casino or casino app is basically point-and-click, but the operation is just one aspect of playing casino games on your phone. There is another, more complicated, part of the process that deals with the casino itself. If you are planning on playing casino games for actual money-paying virtual casinos, and not just a casino app you play for fun, then there are some logistical aspect you have to consider. The first and foremost being you have to join the casino as a member.

Compare and Contrast

In order to actually gamble you will have to become a member of a virtual casino. As there is a wealth of online casinos available it is important to find the casino that best suits you. Some are themed and play out like a video game and some have VIP benefits. They also have various sign up and incentive bonuses.

Mobile Casino Games

Most mobile casinos offer an entire catalog of games with no restrictions. You can play slots, table games, and even enjoy live dealer fare. A casino app, however, may have a few restrictions. Such restrictions can focus on specific slots or entire genres. So make sure you are aware of what games your mobile casino will offer. If there are too many restrictions you may want to go somewhere else.

Payment Processing

A final aspect to look at its payment processing. Most mobile version allow you to deposit and withdraw money. There are some however that do not boast this feature. However, it is only an important factor if you want to make payments via mobile.

New Slots to win real money online

New Video Slots with Real Money

In this age of easy online accessibility for virtually everyone some popular gambling games that an individual used to have to go to a casino to play are now conveniently online allowing individuals to play whenever and wherever they are. One of the most popular casino games is the slots, and now you can conveniently play online as well as win real money online. Anyone who has access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone can enjoy the fun and thrill of playing the slots and win real money. Listed below are four popular online slot games:



Starburst is a new slots machine that is modeled after classic slots games but is easily accessible using a mobile device. These new slots games can be played no matter where you are and includes 5-reels and a total of 10-pay lines allowing the player to win more than 50,000 coins. Starburst slots have a fun bejeweled theme that utilizes vibrant colors that catch the user’s attention and helps to immerse them in fun of playing the new slots game. With many great features including autoplay will create hours of fun for any user that also allows them to win real money. Starburst features 10 betting levels, and users can choose to bet anywhere from .01 to 100.00 per spin. Starburst is an excellent choice for players of all levels and budgets who want to win real money online.

Mega Fortune


Mega Fortune is a new slots machine that has a theme that highlights the glamorous side of life including a city skyline, illuminated night sky, large diamonds, gold trim, and a continuous flow of disco-style music. These online new slots games can be played anywhere by anyone who has access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer and features 5 reels with 4 bet levels and 25 bet lines. Players can choose to bet from .01 to 50.00 per spin and players can win free spins with three or more Scatter symbols and is a fun and easy way to play and win real money.

Divine Fortune


Divine Fortune is a new slots machine that has an ancient Greek theme, with exquisite artwork and plays like a classic slot machine. This game is not as flashy or eye-catching as some other online slot games but given a chance this game is extremely fun and lucrative. These new slots game is played easily on any computer or smart device and features a 20 pay-line format with a betting range from .20 to 100 and players will win the most money if they are willing to risk high stakes for high pay. Unfortunately, many individuals find that this game is not interesting enough and can easily lose attention in playing the game. While there is nothing wrong with this game per se, it seems to lack the bells and whistles that captivate players attention, but if players are willing to look past this and spend a little more time getting used to the game could find an underutilized gem.

Jack and the Beanstalk


Jack and the Beanstalk is a new slots machine that has a unique theme, the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. The creators of this game certainly thought outside the box to come up with the theme for these new slots game. This fun and engaging game feature 3D graphics, free spin feature, fairy tailed background noises, and an engaging storyline. This game has ten different betting levels and with a minimum .01 to a maximum 100.00 per spin with a maximum payout of 600,000. A fun and unique feature of this game is its walking wild bonus feature that allows the player to extend their playing time and receive bigger bonuses.

Play now and win the Jackpot

Playing the slots has always been one of the most popular games in casinos and with the advances in technology this fun game is now accessible to anyone with access to a smart device and allows individual to win real money online. With different themes and features, players are sure to find a new slots game that is both fun and engaging as well as lucrative. If you are looking for a new fun way to win real money online consider playing online slots games including Starburst, Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune, or Jack and the Beanstalk.