It is common to be cautious about where you are spending your money. Be it investments, purchases or in this case gambling. Gambling is a game of chance and carries its own risk. However it is not uncommon for gambling enthusiasts to fall victim to scammers online. Numerous cases of the same have left many in bad taste with this industry. This has discouraged many from taking part in online gambling out of fear of getting a raw deal. This article aims to give insight to gambling enthusiasts, especially new players, on how to locate and play at safe, secure, highly lucrative and rewarding online casinos, such as, and make the most out of their venture.

What to look out for

New environments can be quite challenging especially if you have no idea what to expect and how to adapt. Getting into the online casino industry can be quite daunting. From the terminologies to the terms and conditions, one can feel like they are being taken for a ride. However with a little more information, players know what to look out for in order to determine the legitimacy of an online casino and actually join the best real money online casino.

Security and Privacy

In order to be operational in most places all over the world, an online casino has to obtain a license. Examples of such licensing authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority and The UK Gambling Commission. A casino that has licensing from these authorities is proven to be safe, secure and regulated. A legit online casino should also use the latest in SSL Encryption to ensure the safety of client personal data and protect them from fraudulent activity.

User experience and reviews

User experience and reviews are a good way for players to determine the legitimacy of an online casino. They give first-hand information on what the players liked and disliked about playing at a certain casino. They also contain complaints and grievances from disgruntled players which can be quite insightful. It is through this information that interested players can know the quality of services, safety, security, privacy and quality of gameplay offered by a casino. They will also learn the dos and don’ts to help them get ahead.

Software providers Game selection and diversity

A legitimate online casino will offer its players authentic software that hasn’t been rigged or pirated from the best and most competitive providers in the industry. Some of the popular software providers in this industry include Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Iron Dog Studio, Booming Games, Belatra, Play n Go, ELK Studios, Amatic Industries, Yggdrasil Gaming and Quickfire. If the software in an online casino has been rigged or pirated, that casino shouldn’t be trusted as it has technically stolen from the software providers and is quite likely to do the same to the players.

Payment options

Legitimate online casinos strive to give their clients the best in payment options and pay-out times. This means that they will invest in a wide range of compatible and secure payment methods. Currently, this means casinos try as much as possible to employ payment methods that require very little delicate user payment details. This is done mainly to protect the clients’ payment options as it is not uncommon to hear of scams being run through online casinos where clients are asked for their private banking details and end up being stolen from. Players are advised to avoid casinos that require too much of your private details to avoid fraud and theft. In fact, the gambling watchdog banned credit cards for online betting sites to help curb fraud and theft of personal user information.

Longevity and loyalty programs

For lifespan players, it may be reasonable to consider the longevity of a casino. To do this, players will observe the tendencies of the casino operator and owner. These casino operators tend to own many online casinos and as a result many professional and experienced players have reviewed them. Doing research based on these reviews will help you predict the longevity of a casino and consequently determine its legitimacy. Casinos that intend to stay on the market and keep rewarding players will also offer lucrative loyalty programs making them competitive.  


Another way to determine the legitimacy of an online casino is to determine whether they have invested in compatibility across a wide platform of devices. This shows that they are interested in making it easier for players to access and enjoy their services and as such can be trusted. For instance, a credible casino should give its users an option on how to play casino games on mobile devices.

Common casino red flags

Rigged and Pirated software

Players are usually discouraged from playing at online casinos that are running rigged and pirated software. Software rigging is often done by casinos to give them an advantage over their players. They may also pirate software to avoid paying their dues to the relevant software providers. This should be a red flag for players as it means that the casino cannot be trusted. Thy have blatantly shown their selfish tendencies and who is to say they will not take advantage of their clients. It is however slightly difficult to determine rigged and pirated software and many players end up falling victim to these casinos.

Unclear payment methods and delaying tactics

They say that making wins at a casino is usually just half the task. The other half is usually claiming and withdrawing your winnings. Another common red flag for the legitimacy of an online casino is seen where the payment methods are unclear, and even if they are clearly stated, delaying tactics are used to dissuade withdrawals. These delaying tactics include making requests for details you already provided, making excuses for having not processed your winnings and making unclear deductions on your winnings. Reading through online casino reviews can give players insight into the payment habits of a casino.

History of cancelled winnings

In relation to the delaying tactics, some online casinos are known for completely not making payments and even cancelling legitimate wins over petty and slight technicalities. Such casinos portray good service while making deposits and playing but this changes once you start winning. It is not uncommon to hear players being accused of cheating or winning as a result of a malfunction, they then go ahead to use this to strip players of their winnings.

Poor customer service

A casino may have legitimate software and clear payment methods but have a bad customer support system. This means players who encounter issues during gameplay are usually on their own. Casinos with such poor customer service should be avoided as they are likely to leave you hanging at your time of need. Imagine having trouble processing your withdrawals and not being able to get in touch with the support team for help. Technical support is quit necessary with online casinos due to the technical nature of the services offered. Players should be on the look-out for reviews on a casino’s customer service, its availability and the available modes of contacting them.

Unfair odds

Typically, the house usually has an edge or advantage over the players in every casino game. However, greedy operators may set unfair pay out percentages and even tweak the odds for various games in their favour. This makes it almost impossible for players to win and the game quits being fun and appealing. Reading expert and customer reviews can help you determine the fairness of an online casino.

Playing at legit online casino means that players are not playing at a disadvantage and are more likely to win. Players want to play at a casino that they can trust with their money and believe they can win. To do this they have to know how to look for and determine the legitimacy of an online casino. Gathering this relevant information about an online casino equips players with the tools to find and an informed decision on where to play with their hard earned money in this ever budding industry.