New Video Slots with Real Money

In this age of easy online accessibility for virtually everyone some popular gambling games that an individual used to have to go to a casino to play are now conveniently online allowing individuals to play whenever and wherever they are. One of the most popular casino games is the slots, and now you can conveniently play online as well as win real money online. Anyone who has access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone can enjoy the fun and thrill of playing the slots and win real money. Listed below are four popular online slot games:



Starburst is a new slots machine that is modeled after classic slots games but is easily accessible using a mobile device. These new slots games can be played no matter where you are and includes 5-reels and a total of 10-pay lines allowing the player to win more than 50,000 coins. Starburst slots have a fun bejeweled theme that utilizes vibrant colors that catch the user’s attention and helps to immerse them in fun of playing the new slots game. With many great features including autoplay will create hours of fun for any user that also allows them to win real money. Starburst features 10 betting levels, and users can choose to bet anywhere from .01 to 100.00 per spin. Starburst is an excellent choice for players of all levels and budgets who want to win real money online.

Mega Fortune


Mega Fortune is a new slots machine that has a theme that highlights the glamorous side of life including a city skyline, illuminated night sky, large diamonds, gold trim, and a continuous flow of disco-style music. These online new slots games can be played anywhere by anyone who has access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer and features 5 reels with 4 bet levels and 25 bet lines. Players can choose to bet from .01 to 50.00 per spin and players can win free spins with three or more Scatter symbols and is a fun and easy way to play and win real money.

Divine Fortune


Divine Fortune is a new slots machine that has an ancient Greek theme, with exquisite artwork and plays like a classic slot machine. This game is not as flashy or eye-catching as some other online slot games but given a chance this game is extremely fun and lucrative. These new slots game is played easily on any computer or smart device and features a 20 pay-line format with a betting range from .20 to 100 and players will win the most money if they are willing to risk high stakes for high pay. Unfortunately, many individuals find that this game is not interesting enough and can easily lose attention in playing the game. While there is nothing wrong with this game per se, it seems to lack the bells and whistles that captivate players attention, but if players are willing to look past this and spend a little more time getting used to the game could find an underutilized gem.

Jack and the Beanstalk


Jack and the Beanstalk is a new slots machine that has a unique theme, the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. The creators of this game certainly thought outside the box to come up with the theme for these new slots game. This fun and engaging game feature 3D graphics, free spin feature, fairy tailed background noises, and an engaging storyline. This game has ten different betting levels and with a minimum .01 to a maximum 100.00 per spin with a maximum payout of 600,000. A fun and unique feature of this game is its walking wild bonus feature that allows the player to extend their playing time and receive bigger bonuses.

Play now and win the Jackpot

Playing the slots has always been one of the most popular games in casinos and with the advances in technology this fun game is now accessible to anyone with access to a smart device and allows individual to win real money online. With different themes and features, players are sure to find a new slots game that is both fun and engaging as well as lucrative. If you are looking for a new fun way to win real money online consider playing online slots games including Starburst, Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune, or Jack and the Beanstalk.